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Golden Ages


Toronto centrism

SFU, Jay, Anne Cooper, Kathleen McDonough, Susan Elliot, Pipo Damiano, Trial and Eros, Holy Body Tattoo, Kinesis, Cornelius Fischer-Credo and Harvey Meller, DanStaBat, Alvin Tolentino, Battery Opera, Antonia Livingston, Daelik, Peter Bingham, Lola Maclaughlan, Peter Ryan, Jennifer Mascall, Kokoro, 605 Collective, Crystal Pite and associated companies

when they were a force
when he was one of the few
when she was a powerhouse

(very much a late comer)
(Heard of him and his company? Bet you haven’t)
(Deborah Dunn)
(along with Su Feh)
(a continuing force of course)
(something to think about?)

(no disrespect to them)
(excellent as she is within her nouveau ballet world)
(exceptions to this can be found)

busted their asses